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Duncan Cross wrote:
> The __tostring metamethod seems to be the problem specifically, for example:

Well, it opted for the default output for all pointer types. It's
hard to strike a balance with respect to which default functionality
can be overriden and which cannot. I guess it makes sense that the
metamethod should override the default output in this case.

So I've just made it that way in git HEAD. Your example works now
as expected.

> By the way, I seem to be having trouble compiling the git head at the
> moment on Windows with VC++05 Express, it spits out a lot of errors
> starting with:
> c:\sdks\luajit\git\luajit-2.0\src\buildvm.h(55) : error C2016: C
> requires that a struct or union has at least one member
> c:\sdks\luajit\git\luajit-2.0\src\buildvm.h(55) : error C2061: syntax
> error : identifier 'int32_t'
> c:\sdks\luajit\git\luajit-2.0\src\buildvm.h(58) : error C2059: syntax
> error : '}'
> (...)

No such problem here. Either you've messed up your VC++ installation
(installed extra headers?) or you have a broken git tree. Consider
pulling a fresh copy and try again.