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Excuse me if the question does not belong to this thread, but I'm not used to the lua patterns. I'm more used to define patterns using regex

I have one more doubt. How do i define a lua pattern that corresponds to following regular _expression_?

(systemScreen([1 .. 9])|systemAudio([1 .. 9]))

that is, the text must be of type:

systemScreen(1) or systemScreen(2) or ... or .. systemScreen(9) or
systemAudio(1) or systemAudio(2) or ... or .. systemAudio(9)


2011/6/1 Igor Medeiros <>
Thanks a lot


2011/6/1 Dirk Laurie <>
> How to represent the pattern ([a-z]|[A-Z]|_)+([a-z]|[A-Z]|[0-9]_)* in Lua's format pattern.
> I tried
> patt = '([a-z]|[A-Z]|_)+([a-z]|[A-Z]|[0-9]_)*'
> string.match( '_id', patt )

patt = "[%a_][%w_]*"
print (string.match("_id",patt))    --> _id
print (string.match("A_1.",patt))   --> A_1

I find Lua's patterns much more intuitive than variations of regex.