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2011/6/6 Dimiter "malkia" Stanev <>:
> I also want to use only FFI, and nothing else (it's for a different reason,
> I just don't want to deal with one more and one more compilation - having
> luajit binary/dll for each platform,

Although it is a pain to maintain different compiled versions, it
seems an easier problem to solve than work with the shifting
implementations of common functions  (POSIX after all seems to mostly
mean 'source portable')

Even with Windows, there are four cases you have to handle (32/64,char/wchar).

One deployment approach is to use LuaRocks on a local repo to deliver
the correct compiled library to systems. Alexander G uses it like that
and it works for him (mostly)

LuaJIT/FFI is a big win for bringing in performance-critical functions
with straightforward arguments, but this fiddly stuff is easier in C.

steve d.