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Hi Josh !

Just out of curiosity, why didn't you just use Msgpack ? It's very compact, fast to parse, supported by many platforms/languages... [1], and creating Lua bindings takes just a couple of lines of C [2].



On Sun, Jun 5, 2011 at 2:19 PM, Josh Simmons <> wrote:
A library implementing tagged netstrings in Lua.

About Tagged Netstrings

TNetStrings stand for a "tagged netstrings" and are a modification of
Dan Bernstein's netstrings specification to allow for the same data
structures as JSON but in a format that meets these requirements:

* Trivial to parse in every language without making errors.
* Resistant to buffer overflows and other problems.
* Fast and low resource intensive.
* Makes no assumptions about string contents and can store binary data
without escaping or encoding them.
* Backward compatible with original netstrings.
* Transport agnostic, so it works with streams, messages, files,
anything that's 8-bit clean.

My implementation is available on github and