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Xavier Wang wrote:
> > Yes, and Symbian doesn't have log2/exp2/trunc :( I have to add a
> > math-fixed.h in lj_ir.c, lj_opt_fold.c and lib_math.c

I've fixed log2()/exp2() for now. The dependency on trunc() will 
go away, once I add ARM assembler versions for floor/ceil/trunc 
(the soft-float functions in libc are incredibly slow).

> > I build lua51.lib using msvcbuild.bat, and it works good (I notice a
> > great performance improve on Windows), but, when I buildvm for five .h file
> > and lj_vm.obj, and put all source into my project, the program hit a user
> > break point (int3) in lj_BC_JFUNCV, I noticed that is not Implement, but the
> > question is, Why the same lua sources, the same other sources and lua51.lib
> > don't hit this breakpoint but in my own project it touched?

I'm not sure what exactly you're doing there, but you should know
the generated *.h files are highly dependent on the target
architecture, the toolchain and the Makefile flags. That's why
they are dynamically generated at build time! Never copy them
around or use them outside of the source tree.

The install docs clearly state:

  It's strongly suggested to build LuaJIT separately using the
  supplied build system. Please do NOT attempt to integrate the
  individual source files into your build tree. You'll most likely
  get the internal build dependencies wrong or mess up the
  compiler flags. Treat LuaJIT like any other external library and
  link your application with either the dynamic or static library,
  depending on your needs.

> this patch add missing stdint.h for lj_def.h:

Oh dear ... ok, I'll add this.