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Xavier Wang wrote:
> I'm tried port beta7 to Symbian and it worked. but the git HEAD jit version
> of luaJIT fault with linker error below:
> arm-none-symbianelf-ld: e:\nokia\csl arm
> toolchain\bin\..\arm-none-symbianelf\lib\libsupc++.a(eh_personality.o)(.text.__gxx_personality_v0+0x58):
> unresolvable R_ARM_CALL relocation against symbol `_Unwind_VRS_Set@
> @drtaeabi{000a0000}.dll'
> arm-none-symbianelf-ld: final link failed: Nonrepresentable section on
> output

Looks like Symbian doesn't comply to the ARM exception handling ABI
and/or the toolchain is not set up for that. Anyway, I've disabled
this now for Symbian. Please git pull and try again.