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Am 02.06.2011 15:17, schrieb Jon Akhtar:
On Thu, Jun 2, 2011 at 4:38 AM, Marc Balmer<>  wrote:
I already managed to compile it as a library without any errors, but a lot
of functions we usually find on our beloved BSD systems are just plain not


We have been using Lua on various versions of Windows Mobile for about
3 years now built as a DLL. It has been pretty pain-free for us. We
did remove some of the library functions though specifically we
removed the os module completely, as well as well as a few other
functions that didn't compile (I am sure you ran into the same ones)

Yeah, I got it up and running now as well, although I use it a static library for now. Might switch that to DLL later on, but I am focusing on getting it all up an running asap.

Do you use Lua to drive the Gui?  If so, what toolkit do you use?