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Am 02.06.2011 14:15, schrieb Marc Balmer:
Am 02.06.2011 13:42, schrieb Roberto Ierusalimschy:
I already managed to compile it as a library without any errors, but
a lot of functions we usually find on our beloved BSD systems are
just plain not available...

You should not need any "BSD" function to compile Lua, only C ANSI ones.

The Windows Mobile 6.5.3 SDK apparently even lacks those...

Well, it compiles fine, and I can even run my C program, but

luaL_loadstring(L, "return 42");

returns LUA_ERRSYNTAX, so sth(tm) clearly is not yet as it should be....

I think this must have sth to do with Windows headers, e.g. they define a function "LoadString" which is also used in the Lua sources, so I guess some symbols from Lua and Windows got mangled. It seems to work now. And that means the (assumingly) hardest part lies ahead: Porting IUP to Windows Mobile...