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Wesley Smith <> writes:
> I would highly recommend using lpeglist [1] for writing parsers
> because you can divide the lexer and parser into two steps as it
> should be where the lexer generates an array of tokens and the parser
> runs over the tokens to build the AST.

Hmm, but why would you _want_ to do that?

The "LPEG way", of using a single grammar all the way down to the
character level, seems to work great, and in my experience is simpler
and less annoying than "traditional way" (separate lexer/parser)...

[What _is_ the reason for the traditional split anyway?  I gather that
part of it was speed, but I haven't found LPEG to be much of a
bottleneck, even with gigantic input files (hundreds of megabytes), so
maybe that justification isn't as relevant these days....]


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