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Hey Lua List-

	I was wondering if I could pick your collective brain about the best way to support Lua on Cloud Foundry: Is WSAPI pretty much the standard? I do not want to make the support for a specific framework like Kepler opr Orbit. I'd rather make it lowest common denominator like WSAPI so folks can run whatever type of Lua web development toolkit they want on top of this system.

	I have a preliminary prototype working using xavante. I'd like it to be super easy for folks to just throw CGILua scripts in their doc root as well as lua server pages *.{ls,lp} and have them just work. But I'd also like more advanced folks to be able to tweak and write their own WSAPI handlerss so they can run whatever framework they like.

	Can anyone who does web dev in Lua give me some pointers or let me know what the Lua community would like to see as far as Lua support in Cloud Foundry?


Ezra Zygmuntowicz