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Krunal Rao wrote:
> DYNASM    buildvm_x64.h
> make[1]: lua: Command not found
> make[1]: *** [buildvm_x64.h] Error 127

The dates for the unpacked files are probably wrong. The betas and
the public git repo are already shipped with the pre-generated
buildvm_*.h files. And they should have the same or a newer date
than the corresponding buildvm_*.dasc files.

So make sure to unpack all files fresh from the distribution or
the repo and then run this command: touch src/buildvm_*.h
The following build won't need an installed Lua binary because the
files don't need to be re-generated.

> If I try make clean I get an error about command "del" not found (and
> it also try to delete dll files).

I think this is a side-effect of Cygwin, but it's hard to avoid
(because using 'rm' would fail for MinGW with the same Makefile).

> Do I need to have lua pre-installed or it's failing to notice the
> Cygwing target or something similar?

See above. You can still install a Lua binary in your Cygwin path,
then you don't need to fix the file times because the buildvm_*.h
files are re-generated instead.