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Congratulations on the release.

On Sun, May 1, 2011 at 19:58, steve donovan <> wrote:

> The LuaMacro project has been around for a while [1] and up to now has
> depended on the token filter patch. So it needed a modified Lua
> executable. Recently when thinking about using macros for emitting
> optimal code for LuaJIT I realized that here was _another executable
> to patch_. Fortunately, I wandered away from this abyss and this new,
> rewritten version[2] uses Peter Odding's LPeg Lua lexer.  It now acts
> more like a traditional preprocessor, although the driver program luam
> will load and execute the code by default. It is certainly now a good
> deal easier to debug macros, since one can see exactly what the
> preprocessor has generated (luam has a -d for 'dump' option)

An idea: Maybe you can also let user to hook his set of macros to the
particular extension, as it is done here:

(Except that, IMO, it should be optional and extension should be configurable.)