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On 30/03/2011 23:32, Roberto Ierusalimschy whispered from the shadows...:
>> There have been to few examples of how to do what I want in 5.1 and
>> none I've seen in 5.2 that I see this change as for worse, not better.
> Every single mechanism in a language is quite valuable for those that
> use it (even when few do), and a very small inconvenience for those that
> do not (even when many do not). Unfortunately, this thinking is a recipe
> for bloated software.

This I know all too well. but there is difference between skeleton, lean
& mean, average weight, and fat (not to imply anything about my own self).

>>> Again, use a weak table in the registry for thread specific data.
>> Sounds like rubbish when you expect to have 1000's of threads, one per client connection.
> What do you mean? That a table entry is a too big overhead when compared
> with the cost of creating the thread in the first place?

Thread creation in any context (Lua, POSIX) incurs overhead.

My issue is that I know almost bugger all about Lua 5.1 and how to solve
my problem due to few questions or examples via google searches and
testing. Now comes along 5.2 that appears to threaten my (current &
limited) understanding of 5.1 without showing proposed alternatives in
the docs as to how how one might translate certain patterns of usage.

With 5.2 i've seen no proposed examples as to how C/Lua would interact
the way I want, or another why. I'm new to Lua yes and Lua 5.1 has been
generally a positive step for the my project, but there are issues
related to variable scope control within function, thread, and master
environment. Lack of examples and info and/or explanation means before &
after impact of the proposed changes as I understand them and Lua C API
will be a problem.

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