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On 25/03/2011 13:54, Alexander Gladysh wrote:
lua-l is getting high traffic, and checking out other people's
libraries to see what their value
proposition is is time consuming. A few lines about what it does is

If a reader does not have time to check out other library — he should
skip it. This is a basic survival rule in the informationally
oversaturated environment.

Somehow, it is a matter of energy conservation: if the library author cares to paste a few lines introducing the targeted core library, it will save the energy of dozen of people checking what it is about (and googling if a link isn't even provided, etc.).

Announcements about "binding to foozit-3", should say what foozit-3 is for, so
readers who've never heard of foozit might realize its what they've always
wanted and never knew existed.

That may be true only if announcement author does bother to bring his
word to such readers. If a reader is too lazy (or busy) to click a
link (or google something up) — maybe he is not a target audience for
the announcement.

I disagree here. Indeed, the reader can be too busy/lazy/uninterested to check, but as nicely said, she can miss something she always wanted to have. Hey, before Roberto presented Lpeg, I had no idea that PEGs existed and how cool they were. I am glad I learned that (and I learned lot of things in this mailing list!).

It is a matter of marketing, after all: either the library author wants his library to be used by as much people as possible, or he is happy to target only the few people already knowing the product...

The original post above does raise valid points of course, but, IMO,
it should not be viewed as a some basic netiquette rule to be rudely
sticked up the nose of every announcement author — or maybe next time
an author would think twice before announcing something on the list.

I agree. Sometime (often!) I frown when I see a netiquette or convention broken (LUA, overquoting, hijacking thread, etc.) but I refrain from commenting, particularly if I have nothing else to say...
Otherwise there would be more noise than information in most mailing lists!

Philippe Lhoste
--  (near) Paris -- France
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