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Hi, list!

Announcing lua-hiredis release 0.1.

This MIT-licensed Lua module binds hiredis[1] C client library for
Redis[2] server.

The interface intentionally kept low-level and close to the C version.
I plan to create a higher-level Lua wrapper companion module, which
will know a bit more about actual commands.

See documentation in the README:


Note that the code is still warm from the keyboard, and not thoroughly
tested (however it passes whatever ad-hoc tests I have written). Not
recommended for production until I release next version. Early
adopters welcome!


P.S. Many thanks to all members of the Lua ML for the help. I would be
glad to hear any and all feedback — including nitpicking on the code.
Post it to Lua ML or create a ticket/pull request on GitHub.

[1] —
[2] —