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I guess I was mistaken, and took something that Mike said the wrong way.

I appologize for that!

It was something about local "" ) elements not getting garbage collected when going out of local function scope, instead retaining them if they got returned... but I have to reread Mike's messages again.

On 3/29/2011 2:33 PM, Josh Haberman wrote:
Mike Pall<mikelu-1103<at>>  writes:
Recent JVMs do
escape analysis. But from what I hear, this is not such a big win,
except for trivial examples.

Someone was claiming on HN a few days ago that escape analysis is a
major win for PyPy.  There was speculation that this isn't as
important for LuaJIT thanks to its representation that does not
require numbers to be boxed:

In that same thread someone claimed that you are planning to
implement escape analysis -- not sure where they got that info.  :)