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Hi Mike,

Is ffi.alloca() possible with luajit, (taking the same arguments as - e.g. instead of allocating on the heap, to allocate on the stack?

Obviously one should not return the memory allocated as return value, and should ffi.copy() if it wants it too.

I think this might reduce the allocations done to call ffi functions. The problem I guess is that this has to be done as "inline" feature, can't be done as library call - so it might work only for "JIT", or the interpreter has to detect it - kind of like intrinsic, open coding.

I already have workaround for overallocating arguments, by simply keeping "global" copies, either outside, or as closures.

Hopefully not distracting you much with this, the question is more like If I try to implement such thing for luajit (I'm trying to learn it) - whether my chances are close to zero, or more?

Dimiter "malkia" Stanev