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  I have a strange behavior with the popen function when I use it with luajava on winXP 32bit.(On linux no problem detected).


  I use the luajava eclipse plugin, and try to execute this code (in a plugin Junit Test case) :



Junit Test case :


public void popen()




      if (l.pcall( 1, 1, 0) != 0)





      if (l.pcall( 0, 0, 0) != 0)




Lua Test File :

function popenTest()

     print (_VERSION)

     print("test started !")

     p,msg = io.popen('dir');

     if not p then error("popen (dir) return nil. msg : ".. tostring(msg)) end

     print ("p : ".. tostring(p))

     l,msg = p:read("*l");

     if not l then error("read (popen (dir)) return nil. msg :".. tostring(msg)) end

     print (l)

     print("test done !")



And I get this result :

Lua 5.1

test started !

p : file (18EE1AA0)

PANIC: unprotected error in call to Lua API (...project.luaeclipse.lua.test\lua\tests\simpletest.lua:7: read (popen (dir)) return nil. msg :nil) ===============================================


I try with p:read(1) instead of p:read(“*l”), and I get the same result.

I also try with p:read(“*a”) and I get :

Lua 5.1

test started !

p : file (18EE1AA0)


test done !


I try with another command than ‘dir’ like ‘echo toto’ or with  my own executable and a fullpath reference to it. I get the same problem.

When I try without luajava, this works well.


It seems this is a bug, if  you have any idea to solve this problem ? (or perhaps a workaround ?)


Thanks you.