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I am happy to announce the release of luaposix 5.1.9, and that I've
taken over from Natanael Copa as maintainer. Thanks to Natanael for
looking after luaposix for the last few years; please send patches,
bug reports, praise and obloquy to me now! (N.B. Please write to me
personally: it's not often that I manage to catch up with lua-l.)

There're some exciting new features, in particular support for signals
and for getopt. See below for details. Equally, there is still only
the barest documentation: to use the various APIs you have to grep to
see if the one you want is there and then read the C comment which
gives the Lua API. If anyone is interested in adding better
documentation, I'd be delighted to hear from them. (My work on
luaposix is purely aimed at getting the support I need for GNU Zile,
but as usual I welcome patches from others. luaposix is still far from
complete, so please send patches for your favourite POSIX APIs!)

luaposix 5.1.9 improves compatibility with Darwin/Mac OS X, and adds
various new API bindings, for signals, getgroups, setting errno and
_exit, as well as some slight code cleanup.

In case you missed release 5.1.8, that included fixes for setrlimit
and gettimeofday, an improvement to test.lua, better use of POSIX
feature macros to determine what APIs to support, removal of the
obsolete timezone argument to gettimeofday, and the non-POSIX gecos
field of struct passwd, improvements to the build system, some code
tidy-up, removal of Lua 5.0 compatibility, and new APIs: abort, raise,
isprint, isgraph, errno and stdio.h constants, and getopt_long.