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On 23/03/2011 14:30, Joshua Jensen wrote:
Git works just fine on Windows. The installer is easy as pie:

To be honest, I already installed Git on one of the computers I work on.
The "argh" expressed actually my horror to see it installed lot of Unix utilities which I already had (via UnxUtils), adding noise and confusion in the path, instead of having only one exe at one entry point in the path. Beside, as Steve pointed out, while SCMs are great, it becomes a bit annoying to have to install CSV, SVN, Git, Mercurial, Bazaar (the one I use...), and even Monotone, Fossil and other more or less exotic VCSes just to get some source files out of the Web... :-)
Not to mention the need to learn at least some rudiments of using these softwares...

Git Extensions is a great GUI for Git. One of its installers even includes Git 1.7.4:

I didn't know this one, it (might) addresses at least my last statement... Thanks.

Note: although I am not fan of Git (mostly uninformed prejudice...), I acknowledge that GitHub is an excellent site, and part of my previous remarks were aimed at SF not offering, like GitHub, the possibility to get a source archive out of the current state of the branch.

Philippe Lhoste
--  (near) Paris -- France
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