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> I'm still finding this claim incredulous but I do agree with the overall
> requirement to be able to turn it off and support the idea of luasocket having
> connect/resolve options for this.

I agree, theoretically it should fall back, I just experienced it
doesnt and disabling IPv6 solved it, but I also didn't make a full
investigation why there isnt a ICMP fail message. I can only assure
you that I did disable IPv6 in the sysconfig of the openbsd-router,
and never installed its v6 advertisment daemon one would need.

In any case, the conclusion is the same, please let API to select
specifically v4 or v6 or maybe by default first v6 then v4. BTW,
wouldnt be the default order the otherway around make more sense? In
that v6 is a superset to v4? But as far I've seen it, most application
go that v6->v4 line.

Kind regards, Axel