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> To be fair, the host shouldn't attempt to connect over IPv6 (or should fail
> very very fast) if it lacks appropriate addresses and routes.  If the local
> network is advertising an IPv6 router then it's the fault of the local network
> admin that the connect doesn't work/fail-rapidly.  If you have a network where
> "long timeout" is a common failure mode, you probably need to consider
> disabling the IPv6 router adverts until you can fix it.

Well, ipv6 works different than ipv4 in that every machine always has
a ipv6 address for the ipv6 local connect network. The knowledge that
there arent further routes to the rest of the ipv6 is kinda of a
different place, and there isnt a fast fail. And I can assure you that
my router/firewall does not do any v6 advertisment. Still OS X or now
also new Linux machines per default will go into long timeout trying
to connect to a v6. Yes, we'll have a real v6 network access in the
near to medium future, where these issues will vanish automagically.
But until then, there are problems due to first v6 connect, and
usually the solution is to configure the hosts to disable the v6