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Leo Razoumov <> writes:
>>>> BTW: The use of size_t for anything but actual memory sizes is not
>>>>     a good idea. I guess int32_t would be a much better fit here.
>>> Hmmm... this is not my choice but standard GNU coding practice and GSL
>>> library stick with it. They use systematically int for integers and
>>> size_t for unsigned integer.
>> That's certainly not standard GNU coding practice to my knowledge, and
>> I've never seen any GNU code that does that (and I've seen _lots_ of GNU
>> code)...
> Actually, Francesco is right about coding standards in GSL. They use
> size_t consistently to define anything that can potentially be used as
> an array index. And permutations are indexes.  They even declare
> gsl_vector.stride as size_t. Presumably to skip over rows longer than
> 2^32 elements long in dense matrix layout:-)

Sure, but there's a big difference between a GNU coding standard and a
project-specific coding standard... the latter tend to be a lot more
idiosyncratic, and so less reliable as an indicator of what's commonly
excepted in the community as a whole.


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