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2011/3/15 Tim Johnson <>:
> I would welcome sincere comments on whether lua might be useful for
> me. I don't mean to troll for an argument or a language war, but
> just to see if there might be practical application for me to learn
> lua.


I don't any answer for you but I'm interested because I was having the
same question in my minds in the past weeks.

I have began to work with django for a small in-house project and it
seems to be quite mature, well done and nice to program. The
adavantage of python is that there is a great choice of excellent
libraries for almost any task and a big community behind it.

So I was wondering myself if there could be an interest on using Lua.
I guess that its community for web development is smaller and the
tools and framework are less developed but I don't know for real...