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lua-handlers - provides a set of async. callback based handlers for working 
with TCP/UDP/TLS socket, ZeroMQ sockets.  It also has a HTTP client and server 
for sending or accepting HTTP(S) requests.  All network IO in lua-handlers is 
non-blocking, which makes it easy to handle many open network connections.

I have added some new features to lua-handlers [1]:
* Support for TLS sockets.
* HTTP(S) server (see example [2]).
* Socket URIs for connecting/binding: "tcp://localhost:80/", 
"udp://localhost:53/" or "tls://localhost:443/".  Check the README file for 
more details.

See the example chat-like server [3] to see how a server can accept clients 
from many different types of sockets.  The server accepts a list of socket 
URIs for the command line and will bind & accept clients from each URI.

Robert G. Jakabosky