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> Implementing this in a hand-written parser such as the one used by Lua is
> left as an exercise for the reader :-)

Keywords as table indexes aren't difficult, its just some extra code that:
o when the parser is in a place it expects a table index
oo that is after a dot.
o it turns the keyword back into it original string meaning.

But it is extra code, for most projects, we'd just go away, but Lua
takes lot of care on its memory footprint and covering uncommon cases.

When local variables are allowed to be identical to keywords as well,
then the parser suddenly gets a magnitude more complex!
locel end = 1
if foocondition then end = end + 1 end
Also gets the parser in our heads much more confused!
I still guess there wouldn't be ambigous situations, though, for a
parser with infinitely long lookahead.