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I like everything about Lua as a language
(yes, in-your-face array1/#/nil haters!) I have turned to it for basically every programming task for nearly two years now.

However I've come to the sad conclusion that I will have to use something else for library support. For instance I just bought a book on using Python with instrumentation and I'd like to use examples in the book.

I don't write production quality code, it's just quick stuff for my own use most of the time, speed and size are not an issue right now. C would be perfect for nearly everything I need except I am really hating C right now and it's just not quick and dirty. I also don't really like Python very much but the the libraries are calling me out to sea like a siren.

I found Lunatic-Python

but it does not seem to build out of the box and I fear this approach may have been abandoned. I believe io.popen is just one way in Lua, so I am assuming this is not a great solution or is there a two way approach?. Does anyone have any tips on using Python with Lua or perhaps other workarounds to access the large library base?

Thanks for reading-Patrick