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On 07.03.2011 15:02, Sebastien Lai wrote:
On Mon, Mar 7, 2011 at 2:21 PM, mauro iazzi<>  wrote:
What exactly were your problems with documentation?  Usually there is
a 1-1 correspondence between the C++ and Lua code. I guess it could be
possible to auto-generate docs for Lua from the coments of Qt if it is
really needed...

If it's so easy, then how come it hasn't been done yet? :-)

Anyway, I've built wxLua, and I think i'd rather stick with lqt
(pictures say more than words: ...

Hi Sebastien,

I'm affiliated to lqt but to be fair I wanna say that you also
have several libraries when you use Qt:

QtCore       : all the basic classes (reflection, event-loop, threading,
               UTF8 strings, an easy-to-use XML partser)
QtGui        : all the 2d widget classes and more
QtXml        : more XMl support
QtXmlPatterns: much more XML
QtOpenGL     : OpenGl
QtWebkit     : Webkit
QtScript     : JustInTime compiles for JS
QtNetwork    : network classes

But all the Qt classes have a very god documentation and
we try to make the building the binding to these libs
as simple as possible.