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2011/3/3 Mike Pall <>:
> Francesco Abbate wrote:
>> probably this is not related to this problem but I've seen a problem
>> with LuaJIT2-beta6 when running with the option '-O1'. I've seen that
>> with the ODE integrator, when running with -O1 it does
>> not complete the calculations and it does gives a "nan" almost
>> immediately.
> This is indeed unrelated. And it's now fixed in git HEAD.
> Thank you for the report!
> --Mike

Thank you very much, Mark. It seems that you have quite a large base
of beta testers to spot the most obscure bugs... :-)
this is excellent for LuaJIT2 as it will permit to rapidly improve the
code for a final future release.

I guess also that the FFI introduction for a beta is going to add a
lot of more work to reach a stable release because it did introduce a
lot of new features that, multiplied by the N possible platforms, can
potentially introduce an number of bugs.

Anyway, I believe that most of us are already happy with the beta
releases of LuaJIT2 since it is really usable in many case even if may
be not in a production environment.

Thanks again and best regards,