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Complete newbie to lua but definitely not to programming. Have started
reading up on Lua since yesterday. Have gone through the FAQs (3
sets), and the Libraries/bindings page, and gone through the tutorial.
My might search might not be exhaustive, so kindly point gently.

Q1. Unable to reach & ! Any idea as to
when they might come back, or they are not being maintained anymore
(don't seem to be so though) ?

Q2. Found one instance of OpenCV binding for Lua, work done. It
apparently it is a Ruby gem that uses the OpenCV source and doxygen's
c/c++ parsing functionality, that automatically generated the Lua
bindings. Does anyone have an update on how well it works ?

Q3. Anyone using Lua for some REST based webservice project ? Would
appreciate pointers ? Is it well suited for this purpose ?

Q4. Anyone aware of existing Lua bindings for ffmpeg / mplayer projects ?