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On Sun, Feb 27, 2011 at 8:05 PM, Peter Odding <> wrote:
I just pushed the initial results of my experiments with libapreq2 this past weekend to GitHub [1], the online documentation has also been updated [2]. The libapreq2 binding is a part of Lua/APR but I've written a C module [3] that makes it possible to build a standalone "apreq" module which seems to work fine as well. The UNIX and Windows makefiles both know how to build the standalone module (execute "make" or "nmake /f apreq.dll").

Wouldn't libapreq be utter overkill? It's an apache library after all... And installing such a library just to parse formdata really does seem like overkill.
Note that I had a hard time building libapreq2 on Windows and ended up rewriting the included Windows makefile significantly to get rid of the Perl/Apache stuff. This edited makefile is included in the Lua/APR git repository [4]. I plan on publishing another Windows binary of the Lua/APR binding soon, that will include the compiled libapreq2 library.
 As a sidenote, mars ( uses CMake, which completely erases the need to write makefiles in the first place, or actually writing boilerplate code to determine whether a GNU compiler is available or not, and detects a suitable compiler for you. Keep in mind that not every person on this planet really does have 'cc' or 'gcc' as commands available.
As said, it's just a sidenote.