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very cool thanks!

One little syntactic sugar would have been to allow argument
definitions passed as single string
"int" "x" seems a bit tedious (of course one can write a function to
return the table you set up there, but why not make that the default?)
Why did you avoid a default string-splitting?


2011/2/25 Robert G. Jakabosky <>:
> I have improved the LuaJIT2 FFI support in my bindings generator [1].  It
> helps you generate standard Lua C API & LuaJIT2 FFI based bindings into one
> loadable module.
> The previously announced ZeroMQ [2] bindings had used hand-written FFI
> bindings that where just packaged into the same .so module file as the
> standard Lua API based bindings.  Now the ZeroMQ bindings are mostly generated
> by LuaNativeObjects.  (Note: there is a zmq.dump_ffi() function if you want to
> see the generated Lua code for the FFI-based bindings).
> Please take a look at the project's README [3] file and the example GD
> bindings [4] for more details.
> 1.
> 2.
> 3.
> 4.
> --
> Robert G. Jakabosky