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> The standard lua.c Lua interpreter has two problems, one of which I
> can live with (the way it puts command-line arguments on the stack,
> thus limiting the number of arguments;

I believe Lua 5.2 solves this, with a much larger limit for its stack.

> I attach a patch for 5.1.4 which adds a -t flag (I couldn't think of a
> better letter, as one would expect -d to debug; I was thinking of t
> for taint) which, since the reading of the environment variables
> happens in loadlib.c, and since (un)setenv is not portable, simply
> overwrites loadlib.path and loadlib.cpath with the default values.

Maybe we should remove/deprecate LUA_PATH/LUA_CPATH? I am not sure how
useful they are, but all they do can be done easily with LUA_INIT.
(Then, something like a '-t' option would only have to deal with

-- Roberto