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I'd like to point out again that the project has been renamed to LunarCGI.

As for the very obvious misunderstanding regarding the name, let me explain a second time:

I have not chosen it because I wanted to damage KP in anyway. What reason would I have to do that in the first place? I like the Kepler Project, I pay proper respect to those people, and the only reason I have chosen the name was due the obvious purpose of my Module.

In fact, I'm using parts of the "lp.lua" module from the CGILua module, which shows further prove that there is no reason for me to do anything that could even just remotely damage the Kepler Project.

I'm a little shocked at the reactions I have received because of it. I simply don't buy that it is such a big deal, and especially not after I have already shown myself to be cooperative and rename it to LunarCGI, which, I believe, is certainly a good name.

Feel free to point out issues regarding the name if there really are any - But keep in mind that the name is changed now. The old name "CGI.lua" is obsolete. There is absolutely no reason whatsoever to badmouth it - It's honest work after all.

That being said, I'm happy to announce the new URLs:

    The new homerpage (still in the progress of moving around):
    The github repository: