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On Wed, Feb 23, 2011 at 9:52 PM, Steve Litt <> wrote:
> Hi all,
> I just made an offer to the VimOutliner project to write all their scripts in
> Lua, stating I could probably do them in 4 hours or less. I made the point
> that even if the final product is not done in Lua (the official project
> language is the Vim internal language, and the official VO scripting language
> is currently Python), the fact that I can do it so fast means we can spend
> minimal time on specifications, give it a try, and THEN see what spec changes
> make sense.
> I might get a lot of resistance switching from Python to Lua, but the
> maintainer who championed Python has retired, so perhaps if I portray Lua well
> I can win the day.
> And if I win the day, I have a hunch VimOutliner will advance much faster than
> it otherwise would have.
> Wish me luck.

Good Luck!

BTW, do you have any idea if using lua for vim scripting is better
performance wise compared with vimscript?

I'm also wondering if compiling vim with luajit2 instead of plain lua
would be worth the effort (assuming I have lots of different vim
scripts written in lua).

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