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  Thanks Steve. Hope to solve this issue ASAP.


> Scuri,
> If you need any help, any help at all, improving the installability of
> IUP,
> I'll be glad to help. The way I see it you have a spectacular product,
> and if
> it were easily installable, EVERYONE would be using it.
> Personally, I'd love for IUP to be my main Lua GUI interface. It makes
> sense,
> it's easy, it just feels right. But until the installability problem is
> fixed,
> I can't use it for any software vital to my business, and I have just
> such a
> need right now.
> So I'll help in any way I can.
> Thanks
> SteveT
> Steve Litt
> Recession Relief Package
> http://www.recession-relief.US
> Twitter: