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On Tue, 22 Feb 2011 12:49:17 +0000, Rob Kendrick <>
>If the server does not make use of out-of-band data or terminal control
>codes, then using LuaSocket would be trivial.
>You'll have lots of fun implementing the state machine to cope with
>Asterisk's hideous protocol, though.  (Not all actions have IMAP-style
>tags, and not all of them provide responses, etc.)  Been there, suffered
>that :)

Thanks for the feedback. I need to use AMI just to make a call from an
AGI script, so hopefully, it won't be that hard.

I guess using the HTTP connection would be easier than Telnet. I've
been googling for half an hour but haven't found an example that shows
how to handle cookies. Does someone know if LuaSocket supports them,
or is there an add-on that I could use with LuaSocket?

Thank you.