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On 16 February 2011 08:49, Gunnar Zötl <> wrote:
> that is the general idea. Basically code using ltk looks somewhat ugly. Also I want to get rid of redundancies (like having a button control and a ttk::button control, which are basically the same thing), and in the process the tcl binding might also vanish. But there's still a lot of planning and trying out things to be done before I can get started on that.

On the other hand, it's nice that there's a straight-forward mapping
between the Tcl example code and what you need to write to use ltk
widgets, meaning you can trivially use the tk documentation directly.

How would you get rid of the redundancy between button and
ttk::button? Do you just mean to target T>= 8.5 only and therefore no
longer bind the button control? I agree they're similar in purpose,
but they take different commands and configuration options?

I for one like the fact the Tcl binding is there, even if I haven't
found much occasion to use it. That said, the existing binding appears
to work well enough and could just be put into maintenance mode.