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On Feb 11, 2011, at 4:28 AM, Gunnar Zötl wrote:

> from the recent thread about gui toolkits I learned that 2 more people (are inclined to) use ltk, which brings it up to like 5 people. Great :) As I am in the process of a major rework, starting with a rethink, I would like to know wether anybody actually uses the Tcl binding that comes with it.

I've enjoyed using the Tk binding. A lot can be accomplish with little code, though the Tcl mindset is quite different than the Lua one. This results in some startup cost whenever I (not being experienced in Tcl) come back to the ltcltk. So, my suggestion for your "major rework" is a higher level Tk wrapper more in a Lua style.

I have not been tempted to use the Tcl binding directly, though I considered using it to import tktopdf ( This was to work around the shortcoming of Tk that it cannot print (except for the canvas widget). The tktopdf package is huge, so I opted instead for an ad hoc approach, to emit html for "printing."

Thank you for ltcltk; using it I was able to make a nice native look-and-feel GUI for a custom database application in a few hours.