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On Sat, Feb 12, 2011 at 22:32, Marc Balmer <> wrote:

>>>>> A very, very rude, remark.

>>>> but I stand by it.

>>> I really hope you won't be organizing this after all, as this would be
>>> reason enough for me not to participate there. I wouldn't want to get
>>> near an event organized by someone who seems to be so closed minded.
>>> It deeply saddens me when discussions like this make it into a
>>> programming community.

>> I second this. No Lua workshop in Switzerland for me. Apparently it is
>> full of rude close-minded politically loaded people.

> You seem to have a hard time accepting that some people think
> differently than you do.

What makes you think so? I did not express my political views and I
will not do it here. Also, I'm fine with whatever political views you
may have. Sure, I find the power with which you express them to be a
bit funny. But that is not the matter.

The matter is that I object the unacceptably rude form in that you
expressed your opinion on Prof. Caraballoso's suggestion.

He wrote perfectly good and polite letter, offering his help in
organizing Lua workshop.

And you reply to him along the lines of "Dude, f*ck off, your homeland suck!".

This just will not do.

> And Switzerland is not just me, saying it is
> "full of .." is a joke, right?

It is a maxim.