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On Friday 11 February 2011 01:50:20 kevin beckford wrote:
> > Toronto's pretty expensive for hotels, isn't it?
> Vancouver is the place.  Toronto in summer is like Washington, 30
> seconds outside and you feel like you had a shower in baby oil.
> Vancouver, great coffee, free wireless, clean as can be , and an
> internet culture that lead the fight against monopolistic billing
> practices by telecoms.  It only rains in the winter.

I can't go because no time and money for a long trip, but that sounds good. A 
year ago I took a business trip to Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Nice place! I 
don't remember what I paid for the hotel, but I don't think it was anything 
like Toronto prices.

My favorite Canadian city so far is Ottawa, but that's too expensive for this 

Steve Litt
Recession Relief Package