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On Thursday 10, Daniel Silverstone wrote:
> Hi,
> As part of the push towards world-ipv6 day, Pepperfish (who host
> and have been working on IPv6 support on their main server. 
> We are now proxying HTTP requests through from IPv6 to our IPv4-only
> webserver.  As such, if you're fully IPv6 enabled you can now access
> and over IPv6 (and will by default for the most
> part). worked over IPv6 for me (I am using an IPv6 tunnelbroker), but and are still IPv4.  Maybe it is a DNS 
caching issue.

> Also, our MX is now IPv6 enabled and so if you've got IPv6 mailers, you
> might start seeing lua-l mails going over IPv6.  Since this is all a little

Yup it worked, I check the "received by" path of your post and it came over 

Robert G. Jakabosky