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Martin Schröder wrote:
2011/2/10 Miles Bader <>:
As "American" means "Citizen of the U.S.A." they are the same.
<quote src="" class="moz-txt-link-rfc2396E" href="">"">
American(s) may refer to:

    * A person or attribute of one of the nations of the Americas
    * A citizen or attribute of or from the United States
          o See also: People of the United States, Citizenship in the
United States, Names for U.S. citizens
    * A person considered to be ethnically American (see American ethnicity)
    * The indigenous peoples of the Americas

See also

Find me a person who is not a citizen of the US or who has not lived long term there, and specifically one of those citizens of the other areas that can be included in the generic of American who actually calls themselves and American in every day speech, and you will find me chewing on my hat. One does not have to be an ugly American to realize that you have a problem with the Cuban embargo, and we could discuss that for a couple of centuries on here, but that might be just a little off topic. The point is that it would be very difficult for US citizens/Americans to go to Cuba for any casual" purpose, as this would be classified. That will probably change after the last Castro has died or left Cuban leadership and that probably won't be for another decade. In the mean time, give it a rest and plan this for somewhere else if you want any "Americans" to come. If not, then have fun. Making the language popular in all the rest of the Americas(proper use of the term) and the Carribean won't do much for it. That is not an argument for the political correctness of the situation, just a statement of a fact.

Everett L(Rett) Williams II