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On Wednesday 09 February 2011 02:32:42 Dirk Laurie wrote:
> On Wed, Feb 09, 2011 at 03:44:02AM +0200, Steve Litt wrote:
> > Conceptually I put up a window and lay down textboxes, dropboxes,
> > checkboxes, radio buttons and the like on it. I don't care whether I do
> > it graphically or with specifications, but I sure don't want to try to
> > memorize hundreds of functions to make a dialog box.
> What GUI were you using before getting into Lua?
> D.

My opinion -- in Linux, the pickings are so slim I bend over backwards not to 
go GUI. When I *have* done GUI, it's been mainly Perl-Tk or Lazarus. Perl-Tk 
is too messy, and Lazarus is good an easy but too black-boxy.

Back in my Windows days I liked Powerbuilder, but of course Powerbuilder cost 
$600 and was kind of crashy.

In other words, I'm looking for something better than anything I've ever used 


Steve Litt
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