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On Mon, Feb 7, 2011 at 10:21 PM, Petite Abeille
<> wrote:
> While we are at it, here are my very own 500 lines worth of dinky HTTP server... and it doesn't even need LuaSocket :P

Man, that is such cool code that I don't understand how it actually
works ;)  In particular, how does it do the basic networking layer?

> HTTP[ '/' ] = function() return 'Hello world' end HTTP()

Nice notation..

Actually, orbiter.init [1] doesn't have to use LuaSocket. I got it
working under LuaJava using Java sockets to give a Java server a
console - that trylua example then allowed me to speak directly to the

steve d.

[1] although the pattern ../?/init.lua is convenient, I find it
confuses people and perhaps orbiter.lua should sit next to the orbiter
directory. This will be easier once there's a LuaRocks install.