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On Monday 07 February 2011 15:28:12 David Given wrote:
> On 07/02/11 17:51, Steve Litt wrote:
> [...]
> > That is soooooo cool. I never took computer science courses so I'd rather
> > Can I safely assume that besides keeping nodes in your directed graph,
> > you keep those same nodes as keys in a table for quick lookup in case
> > several things depend on one node?
> Yes, I am (and in fact my search-for-nodes-with-no-parents code just
> does a brute force scan of said table until it finds one; I said it was
> crude).

My philosophy is until you have tens or hundreds of thousands of nodes, or 
until the software slows you down noticeably, crude is a good thing. As a 
matter of fact, I'm the King of Krude. :-)


Steve Litt
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