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On 31.01.2011 14:08, Quae Quack wrote:
On 31 January 2011 23:43, Mike Pall<>  wrote:
Umm, there's no such mechanism. But maybe I don't understand the

If you mean lib_init.c (formerly linit.c): this is only for adding
your own libraries or to remove existing libraries.

Renaming the core libraries is not supported and wreaks havoc with
pretty much every piece of Lua code out there. Doing that would be
an exceptionally bad idea.


I would assume he means lualib.h

Yes, that's what I meant.
What I did was replace the LJ_LIB_REG macros with LJ_LIB_REG_ and placed the defines from lualib.h for the names.

Thomas Bernard