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> Henning Diedrich:
> >Is Lua still aiming at beginners, non-programmers, I wonder.
> I don't think so and has never been. Small, fast, easily embedable
> and providing a few powerfull meta-mechanisms, thats it. The rest
> is history and various design decisions.
> The basics are easy, but there is more...

I think that is the main point. Lua has some reasonably complex stuff,
like full coroutines and first-class functions. But you do not need
to know any of that to write your programs. The point of Lua is that
you can write all basic stuff using basic stuff.

I bet most (ok, many, to be precise ;) of us learned to program in a
language with gotos. I do not think the mere presence of 'goto', the
somber possibility of its use, did us any harm.

-- Roberto