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On Mon, Jan 31, 2011 at 15:18, GrayFace <> wrote:
> On 31.01.2011 15:53, Enrico Colombini wrote:
>> On 31/01/2011 10.20, steve donovan wrote:

>>> Another short response to that question:
>>> [[
>>>     * No Java-like OO
>>>     * No string support, only 1byte char lists.
>>>     * Awkward syntax
>>>     * Meta-tables makes people feel uncomfortable
>>> ]]

>> At least the last point is easy to fix: just remove metatables and we'll
>> have a better language :-)

>> I'm always amused seeing people searching for a different language... as
>> long as it's identical to the one they are used to.

> I'd say metatables stuff may indeed get messy,

Can you please elaborate?

I can see that metatables may be hard to understand.

But *messy*? That is beyond me, why metatables can be messy.

> mostly because there's no standard OO.
> I haven't heard of full OO implementations at all, by which I
> mean support for properties, hence privates; reflection. That's the number 1
> candidate for standard library IMO.

Um, LOOP, no?