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On Tuesday 25 January 2011 09:16:48 Javier Guerra Giraldez wrote:
> On Tue, Jan 25, 2011 at 3:05 AM, Steve Litt <> 
> > but you can simulate OOP
> please don't perpetuate the myth that there's some thing like 'real
> OOP' and Lua gets only 'simulated OOP'.  Even your own answer has to
> then justify with "as good as other OOPs".
> IMO, a better answer would be like:
> Q: Is Lua OOP?
> A: Lua doesn't mandate OOP, but you get powerful primitives to define
> any kind of object-oriented style you want.  As a bonus, there's an
> optional OO-style for method calling.

That's what I said. Also, if I'd simply said Lua has OOP, which from a 
practical standpoint it does, someone else would have jumped down my throat.

By the way, I'm gonna meet the same kind of "screwed if I do, screwed if I 
don't" when I talk about "regex" in Lua. I've seen plenty of documentation 
saying unaided Lua doesn't have Regex, and making a big deal out of the fact 
that Lua has a much smaller footprint because it has no Regex. And yet the 
fact is I can do anything with string.gsub() and string.match() than I can 
with Perl Regex, and Perl Regex is considered the Cadillac of the industry.


Steve Litt
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